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First Stop to Nowhere!
Dumbass: A person who is stupid (e.g. dumb), while also stubbornly refusing to stop acting or being stupid when asked (e.g. ass). I couldn't teach him how to use the paintball gun because he was running around with it between his legs like a dumbass.

DuMAsS is a carefree Faction! We're a free for all faction, who are just looking to have fun doing whatever we like. Like any major end game faction (levels 100+), we are here to have Fun, PVP, and TW. We are looking for fun and easy going people to join us.

"I have been bombarded about what DuMAsS is, and why things are not "mandatory." The reason is because I am not your Nanny, your Teacher, your Parent, or your Grandparent! This is not middle school, and there is a maturity level that is seen as "normal" in DuMAsS that is to be understood. We are not here to hold your hands or FORCE you to do anything. We are not holding you here at gunpoint, and you all have free will! If you wish for the guild base to grow faster, or etc. about other faction related things; GET ON YOUR PEERS ABOUT IT! We are dead serious about our TWs and PVP action, but we want to and insist on HAVING FUN!".

Leader: TravesT
Director: Untamed_Pav
Marshals: Akira_Green : darkfog : TheHellrazor : Kokki
Executors: VenomousKat : redsock : Mahi : SweetyCakes : Darkness_X : RashyKi